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Our knowledgeable team is qualified to assist you in a variety of practice areas, including estate planning, probate, civil litigation, real estate, condo and HOA issues, cannabis law, and more. We also provide a full range of services to new and established businesses.

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Living Trusts
Living Trusts

A living trust is different from a trust that is created by a will (called a “testamentary” trust).  A living trust is an agreement made during the lifetime of the “settlor,” the person creating the trust. In creating the trust, the settlor is making an agreement…

Personal Guarantee Basics for Small Business Owners
Personal Guarantee Basics for Small Business Owners

Personal guarantees are incredibly common in business. If you own a small business and ever have to borrow money, rent space, or buy expensive equipment, it’s almost certain that you will at some point have to sign a personal guarantee. Small business owners are often…

Has Sessions Re-Ignited His War On Cannabis?
Has Sessions Re-Ignited His War On Cannabis?

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a formal memorandum effectively withdrawing the Cole Memorandum. As you may recall from our earlier posts, the Cole Memo directed the federal government not to use it’s limited resources to police robustly regulated state-legal cannabis. Under the direction of the Cole Memo,…

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