When a loved one passes, the last thing most people want to think about is handling their estate. We are here to make that process easy. Our experienced probate attorneys have handled numerous probate cases, from simple to complex.

The Probate Process

First, the attorney will submit a petition for administration. Once the executor is appointed, the attorney will prepare notices for heirs and interested persons, a notice for publication, and an initial inventory of the estate’s property. After publication, there is a 4-month waiting period before the estate can be closed. This waiting period gives potential claimants to the estate a chance to respond, object, or make a claim against the estate. Once the initial period runs, the executor pays the debts of the estate, if possible, then distributes the estate to the heirs or devisees.

The attorney handles several pleadings, including a petition, inventory, notices, accounting or verified statement in lieu of accounting, and a petition for distribution. After the distribution, the attorney prepares receipts, and a supplemental judgment to close the estate.

Our attorneys are prepared to handle any challenge that may come along during the administration process. Give us a call to discuss your loved one’s estate.





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