Oregon’s Residential Rent Forbearance Likely to Be Extended to 2022

Oregon landlords should be prepared to wait longer to attempt to collect back rent deferred during the COVID-19 crisis.  The Oregon legislature is currently working to pass Senate Bill 282, which, if approved and signed by the governor, would extend the repayment period for deferred rent all the way to February 2022.  Under current state law, tenants who have not paid rent at any point since April 2020 are protected from eviction for non-payment of rent until July 2021 and do not need to pay that deferred rent until that time.  SB 282 would not extend the eviction moratorium past July 2021, meaning tenants must start paying current rent as of that date and could be evicted for failing to do so, but landlords would be precluded from evicting for back rent or filing a lawsuit to collect back rent.  Many observers consider it highly likely that SB 282 will become law in the very near future, so landlords should begin planning accordingly.






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